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New City Cleaners

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Profile appeared in our 28-1 Issue – April 2011

New City Cleaners has had a long and prestigious history of serving the people of Kern County and beyond. It’s a patient and steady dedication to quality and service that has set the 100-year-old specialty cleaning business apart, and possibly been the secret of its success and longevity. A full-service cleaner that offers a range of expert cleaning services just begins to explain this Kern County cornerstone.
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Rankin Ranch

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Profile appeared in our 28-1 Issue – April 2011

In a short one-hour drive from Bakersfield, you can step back in time and discover Kern County’s historic Rankin Ranch, located in the beautiful mountain valley of Walker’s Basin. The Rankin family has welcomed thousands of people from all over the world to stay at their ranch since the family’s third generation, when Helen Rankin opened their guest ranch in 1965. For 148 years, since 1863, the Rankin family has lived in this remote eastern corner of Kern County and raised White Face Hereford cattle.Today, you and your family can be a part of this western lifestyle and enjoy horseback riding through the mountains, where this early pioneer family settled over a century ago.
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