Mashburn Transportation Services, Inc.

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Dwight, Denise, William, Mike, & Cody Mashburn

Dwight, Denise, William, Mike, & Cody Mashburn

Profile appeared in our 33-1 Issue – April 2016

To hear Mike Mashburn tell it, “This company exists all because of my dad, William. He always utilized nothing but hard work, dedication, and determination to accomplish work. With that as a basis, our business has evolved from one generation to the next.”

William & Mike Mashburn, 1987

William & Mike Mashburn, 1987

Since 1987, Mashburn Transportation Services, Inc. has been serving the local community out of their location in Taft. Though they have been running strong for several decades, this family owned and operated company has seen its fair share of changes. William, himself, had changed up careers several times before eventually landing in the trucking business. “I got my first truck in 1984, which was the beginning to what we currently have,” William said. (As they now have more than 50 trucks, 150 trailers, and 80 employees, it is a given that growth has been one of their strong suits.)

The work and ambition put forth by William is what helped to forge one of the greatest local companies around. However, it has been maintained as such thanks to the help of his family, notably, his son. “If it weren’t for Mike, this business would have ended a long time ago,” he recalled. “When customers called, they would ask specifically for Mike—they would even wait for him to return rather than have anyone else assist them!” As Mike’s wife and current owner, Denise, stated, “Mike took what his father had started and grew it, loved it, and is making it so that our sons will take it even further someday.”

Fortunately, their sons Dwight and Cody are a part of the crew, set on carrying on the family tradition of excellence. Cody helps manage the day-to-day field work and Dwight has taken over as the general manager. It can be said that Dwight inherited his grandfather’s focus on hard work. “I started here as a grease monkey when I was sixteen years old,” Dwight intimated.

Fleet of trucks, 1994

Fleet of trucks, 1994

Dwight maintains that there has been a “huge difference in operations” since he first started working for the company. “Safety is our top value, as our safety goal is always consistent and never changes. In this and in many other veins, we are seeking to be an industry leader, primarily by implementing new practices.” Indeed, they have expanded their services to hauling for the ag, oil, and environmental industries, amongst others. However, some things have remained consistent over the years. “We have a wonderful, dedicated team,” Denise relayed. “Some of which have been with us for around twenty years.”

No matter what changes this innovative company may anticipate, one thing remains the same as it has been since day one. In the words of William, “You will always do well if you just do what you tell the customer you’ll do, which is getting the job done.” With an entire hard working family on deck doing just that, they’re sure to see many more years of family-run success to come.

P.O. Box 66, Taft, CA   |   661-763-5724


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