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Profile appeared in our 32-1 Issue – April 2015

There are times in our lives when something that seems disastrous catapults us toward countless opportunities. When Marcia Wolfe was laid off from her job, things could have seemed very bleak. However, due to her reputation for excellence in what she does and some small environmental consulting jobs she had previously performed, people were almost instantly knocking on her door for her assistance in their projects. “My business wasn’t something I had planned—it just happened,” she confessed. Her popularity only grew, and thus, M.H. Wolfe & Associates Environmental Consulting, Inc. was born and has been holding strong since 1989.

Marcia Wolfe

Marcia Wolfe

Wolfe always had an affinity for nature. “I have a picture of me collecting flowers when I was two years old,” she laughed. “We just love what we do!” This passion fueled her educational pursuits and has guided her career choices toward surveying areas and conducting vital environmental research for a variety of purposes. When she realized the high demand of her services, she took her expertise to the next level and established her own business.

The momentum has yet to stop, and over the years, she has gone from a one-woman show who operated from her back bedroom to an office of six full time employees. As an environmental consulting agency, Wolfe and her team are dedicated to assisting businesses while ensuring that the surrounding areas and its natural inhabitants are unaffected. “We get to hike out and study each project site to identify potential issues and concerns,” she explained. “We figure out how to manage those concerns while at the same time protecting the environment.” From residential and commercial developments to water, agriculture, energy, and mining companies, M.H. Wolfe & Associates has the experience and know-how to get the job done both practically and efficiently.

As the Biologist II, Andrew Krause helps with project management, field surveys, bird surveys, bat capture, small mammal trapping projects, and also does work on mines, wind, and solar projects, and commercial and residential construction. “I’ve been in the industry since 2006,” he said. “I worked for an international consulting firm prior to coming to work for Marcia.” One of the biggest differences to Andrew is how much like family his current team is. “I enjoy it here—it isn’t like the rat race of the big consulting firms. It is rewarding to build close relationships with my team, including our clients. It is nice to have that sort of flexibility.”

Biologist I for the company, Claire Hossfeld, also loves the “small company feel,” as well as the fact that they all get to do a bit of everything. “I was working on my Masters in Botany when I discovered that Marcia was looking for a botanist, but since joining, I have also been able to work with wildlife. But one of the best parts is that there is no one in the office who is just a face you pass by.” (Much like Wolfe, Hossfeld has always had an interest in science, and considering her father is a geologist, it is really no surprise.)

Helping to ensure compliance with the Metropolitan Bakersfield Habitat Conservation Plan, M.H. Wolfe and Associates Environmental Consulting, Inc. has over 75 years of combined experience, and their strong track record proves that they are a trustworthy company to conduct an assortment of environmental services. They have been a part of countless local projects for over a quarter of a century, and they’re certain to be here for years to come.

Covering a wide variety of projects, this consulting company provides clients responsive, dependable, and professional environmental services.



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