If there’s one thing everyone knows about Kern County, it’s that we’re proud of our history. From pioneers and sheep herders to roughnecks, entertainers, and entrepreneurs, ours is a community built on the dreams of people with moxie and grit. Folks with nothing to lose and everything to prove. This website, created by Bakersfield Magazine, is dedicated to them.

This is an ongoing chronicle of the people who built Kern:
The famous and not-so-famous names associated with not only the founding of Bakersfield and Kern County, but with the rapid growth the area saw.
As well as an homage to the long-standing and family-owned businesses that have shaped the community we call home. Without the tenacious visionaries and hardworking men and women of these businesses, our county would be a very different place.

Kern County Generations… Our past, present, and future.

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